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The Garden of Vegan can provide catering service on location for all sort of events. The menu is completely tailored to your wishes and can space from cold snacks to multiple courses warm dinners. We specialize in buffets and ethnic cuisine, presenting our food with style and creativity. Because all our dishes are freshly prepared allergies are never an issue.
Are you interested in a catering? Please contact us for more information.

Vegan cuisine

Vegan Cuisine

Our food is based on respect for every form of life and the environment. We believe that keeping ourselves and the world around us healthy is a goal that can only be achieved by coexisting in harmony with our surroundings. This is why we choose plant based, seasonal and local ingredients for the preparation of our meals.

Birthday parties

Birthday Parties

A birthday is a special event, to be properly celebrated and cherished. Our company offers a variety of possibilities for your party, from simple snacks to complete buffets including cakes. Delivery and service possible.



The Garden of Vegan can cater lunches on location. Our menu for large groups usually includes soup, rich sandwiches from biological bread and desserts. More options are available for smaller groups. For more information do not hesitate to contact us!

Graduation buffets

Graduation Buffets

If you are looking for an inclusive buffet, look no further! We can prepare for you the most delicious finger food, keeping into account all sort of cuisine styles and eventual food intolerance. No matter what, all your college friends are bound to love it.

Ethnic  dinners

Ethnic Dinners

Ethnic cuisine has always been our main interest and passion. We can successfully replicate a great variety of dishes, from Mediterranean to Thai, Vietnamese, Creole, Middle-Eastern, Balkan, Indian and much more. All freshly prepared with traditional ingredients, we can deliver them straight to your table, for you to enjoy with friends and family.

Tapas buffets

Tapas Buffets

Our company has been working with tapas buffet for almost a decade. We regularly serve dinners for large groups at Molen de Ster (in the picture), besides several other locations. Our menu is based on seasonal ingredients and can be easily adjusted according to your wishes.



For such an important day, everything must be perfect and joyful. Just let us know what your wishes are and let us handle the stress. The Garden of Vegan will be there, to help create one of the best memories of your life.

High teas

High Teas

Classic, rich, appetizing and completed with an endless flow of hearty or herbal tea. During our High tea events there is no rush in working your way through savory pastries and delightful sweets, so pull your armchair back and enjoy this timeless moment. Home delivery possible.



Order you personalized takeout meal with us! Choose your favorite dishes and let us know a couple of day in advance, your dream meal will be ready for you to pick up. Delivers are possible only previous appointment.




Tiramisu', carrot cake, snicker pie, crostata, brownie, pavlova, millefoglie, kwark cake, chocolate mousse... Should we continue or is it enough for you to directly contact us? We are available for baking any kind of customized cake, including Halloween!

Home baked bread

Home Baked Bread

All our events are complete with home baked bread. We like to season it with all kind of ingredients, such as olives, onions or fennel seeds. Which one is your favorite? If you let us know 24 hours in advance we can have it delivered to you still warm!

Cooking Workshops

Cooking Workshops

One of the more rewarding aspects of being a vegan chef is to pass on the knowledge on mastering the alchemy of the kitchen. If you are interested in learning more, please let us know and we are sure we can arrange an interesting workshop for you. Fees are according to recipes, number of participants and availability of equipment.