Kitchen Punx - The Garden of Vegan is an ongoing project started in 2004, with the goal of promoting veganism by running the eat cafè in the Political Cultural Centre ACU, Utrecht.

Veganism is a form of vegetarianism which avoids all animal products in food making process. The most common reason for veganism is the choice not to support the industrialization of animal farming, which brings animals to the level of nonliving products.

With our project we wished to join this political conciousness with the pleasure of a nice meal. We proposed to open a vegan restaurant accessible to the main stream, to convince people that vegans are not aliens, or rabbits eating boring green food. We are proud to say that we fulfilled our dream. Today our customers are not only vegans, but also meat eaters that remained surprised at the possibility of associating "vegan" with "tasty".

But veganism is not only a political statement that concerns animal farming. Spending time to choose, shop and prepare daily food has become a difficult task in a society that promotes fast food and microwave meals. Not many people stop thinking about ingredients, nutritional values, and origins of products.

In our kitchen all food is freshly prepared, since we don't use any ready-made sauces or per-packed components. We cook in small quantities and try to vary as much as possible the combinations on the dish. Every small part of it, the bread, the mayonnaise, even the salad dressing, are our creation. Between our kitchen equipment you will not find a microwave, because we prefer to preserve the integrity of the nutritional contents. Every day we visit the veggie shop and see what the season has to offer. At the same time, we receive weekly a nice crate of greens from Tuinderij de Groene Steen, a local biological farm, which makes our salads extremely tasty.

Long years of experience in several projects and exchanging notions with other chefs has brough us to develop a great variety in our cuisine styles. In our menu's you will find Mediterranean along Vietnamese, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, and more. Our inspiration comes from all food we get to see and taste around, the challenge being to replicate the incredible savors of the world in a vegan version.

And if you think you cannot live without cheese, we have good news. Since last years, we have started making our own cheeses. We have come from prepaing traditional mozarella that can be served in Caprese salads to our own personal invention, the wasabi-cocos cheese, that was greatly appreciated by everyone who tried it.


If you like to visit us, you are always welcome to come to our restaurant. The atmosphere is friendly and familiar, ideal for a relaxed dinner with friends. The ACU is located in the very heart of Utrecht and easily reachable except by car.

Opening times:

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Saturday  from 18:00 till 21:00.

For reservations please call 030 2314590 or 06 17780374