Menu' card October 2017

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SOUP (on the black board) € 4,- served with bread and spread

STARTER 1: Mushrooms tempura € 4,-
(gluten free)
Deep fried Oyster mushrooms in chickpea batter, served together with a traditional Vietnamese dip sauce composed of palm sugar, rice vinegar, Tamari and sesame oil & mix salad..

STARTER 2: Terrina € 4,-
(gluten free)
Brussels sprouts dunked in a thin Béchamel sauce enriched with rasped nutmeg and grind pepper.. Sprinkled with fresh herbs, the dish is served with mix salad aside.

STARTER 3: Vegetable shashlik € 4,-
(gluten free)
Grilled sticks composed of red beets, courgettes, aubergines and sweet potatoes, served together with home made tzatziki sauce and fresh salad mix.

STARTER 4: Bruschetta € 4,-

Crunchy bread slice served with warm home made mozzareella, and topped with a combination of cherry tomatoes, olives, fresh basil and garlic olive oil. Aside, a fresh salad mix.


  • Spring roll € 2,-
  • Home made fries & mayo small € 1,50 big € 3,-
  • Bread and spread € 1,50
  • Salad small € 1,50 big € 3,-


MAIN COURSE: Halloween special € 9,50
(gluten free)
Bloody tomato risotto cookie, served together with oven roasted pumpkin topped with poison-green guacamole sauce, tofu blocks on a spike dunked in a marinade of witch herbs.

OVEN DISH: October Stew € 9,50

A combination of oven roasted potato chunks, green peas, carrots, white onions and soy steaks dunked in a dark & peppery gravy. Aside, a cold oven baked bell pepper stripes & garlic mix.

* both dishes are served with mix salad.

3 STARTER € 10,50
Combination of three starters of choice, served as a tapas together with bread and mix salad.
DAY DISH (on the black board) € 8,50


Cooked peer in Port Sauce € 3,-
(gluten free)
Oven baked peer in red Port, with a stuffing of almond powder and dried fruit. Garnished with Port sauce, berries, fresh mint and sprinkles.

Mokka cake € 3,-

Soft chocolate cake, with a frosting of coffee flavored whipped cream. Sprinkled with choco chips, it is decorated with fresh berries and mint.

DAY DESSERT (on the black board) € 3,-