SOUP (on the black board) € 4,-

served with bread and spread


STARTER 1: Summer salad € 4,-

(Gluten Free)

Shavings of courgette and carrot served together with tofu feta, pine nuts, chopped spring onions and a basil dressing enriched with yeast flakes.


STARTER 2: Jacket potato € 4,-

(Gluten free)

Whole baked potato from the oven served with a filling of finely chopped cabbage, sweet corn, tempeh specks and tzatziki topping. Mix salad aside.


STARTER 3: Fried wontons € 4,-


Dumplings filled with vegetables, deep fried and served together with a gingery sweet chill sauce and soy sprouts salad in sesame~lime dressing.


STARTER 4: Smoked tofu rolls € 4,-

(Gluten Free)

Grilled aubergine slices, filled with home smoked tofu pate’ and rucola, served together with a rich salad aside.





Spring roll & chili sauce 2,-


Home made potatoes & sweet potatoes fries served with dill crème fraîche

small 1,50

big € 3,-


Bread & spread € 1,50



small 1,50

big € 3,-




MAIN COURSE: Meze 9,50


Middle Eastern dish composed of Cous-cous salad, spicy aubergines and sweet potatoes, Turkish pepper with yofu filling, soy steaks flavored with fennel and cumin seeds. Served with flat bread rolls and fresh herbs.


OVEN DISH: Pomodori al riso 9,50

(Gluten free)

Oven baked tomatoes stuffed with rice, soy chucks and herbs, served on a bed of roasted potatoes. Aside, rolls of cabbage filled with crumbled tofu spiced with cayenne pepper and smoked paprika powder.


* both dishes are served with mix salad.


3 STARTER 10,50

Combination of three starters of choice, served as a tapas, together with bread & spread and mix salad.


DAY DISH (on the black board) 8,50





Bewitched peach 3,-

(Gluten free)

Half peach in syrup filled with lemon custard cream. Served with a raw cookie of dates and almond flour.


Yofu cake with balsamico sauce 3,-


Wet cake made with fruit flavored yofu, enriched with a sweet and sour Balsamico and forest fruit sauce.


*All desserts are decorated with sprinkles, berried and fresh mint.


DAY DESSERT (on the black board) 3,-